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Our unique care model is all about convenience, comfort, safety & support for patients. KabaCare's infusion centers provide the ideal environment for infusion therapy, ensuring better clinical outcomes and higher patient satisfaction within our expanding network.


Meeting the needs of patients and providers through adaptable scheduling is a fundamental component of our high-quality care.


Our infusion centers help create a positive experience for our patients and their caregivers.


Our facility provides a secure setting with both private and semi-private suites, ensuring a controlled environment for individuals with compromised immune systems.


Our highly-skilled team is always on-hand to ensure our patients and their caregivers have the best possible care and experience.


Our personalized approach ensures each patient receives treatment tailored to their needs, creating a supportive environment where patients feel empowered throughout their healthcare journey.


Founded by Dr. Sohail Masood, a pharmacist and celebrated pioneer in intravenous & injectable therapies for over 35 years, our experience in the infusion industry is unrivaled.


We help ensure seamless communication among the care team, promoting connectivity across all services offered through our infusion centers.

Cost Benefits

Our focus on expertise and efficiency, enables us to promote cost savings to the patient, while delivering the highest quality care.

Why Choose KabaCare?

KabaCare provides unparalleled infusion care along with exceptional support for their caregivers. Our highly-skilled staff addresses patients’ ongoing care needs through personalized care plans and effective collaboration with the referring physician, creating a dynamic care team focused on listening, communicating, and most of all, caring for the patient.


Our unique care model embodies convenience, comfort, safety & support for  patients. At KabaCare, our team’s focus is always on our patient.


We provide customized treatments at our infusion suites to reduce hospital readmissions, lower costs and improve patient care and convenience.


Our team of specialists work in close collaboration with your providers to provide tailored infusion therapy treatment plans that meet your individualized needs, effectively targeting your condition.

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We are here to assist you every step of the way!  Whether you are a patient seeking top-notch treatment or a provider searching for optimal care solutions, connect with KabaCare. Let our team of experts handle all the details for you.

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